Dr. Jones

After my bike trip in the US I decided to go for a little more comfort. This might as well increase the chances of people being able to join me on this tour. I searched for a few months and finally came across an old Volkswagen Vanagon T3 build in ’89. Used to be a fire-squad van and was in a quite good shape.

In order to get a reliable (if that is possible) way of transportation a few things had to be overhauled, changed, improved. The Most important facts:

– complete engine exchange and overhaul 1.6l TurboDiesel (JX) -> 1.9l Diesel (1Y)
– convertible sleeping bench (Westfalia)
– isolation on all surfaces (Trocellen 10mm & Armaflex 20mm in the raised roof)
– drapes against heat/cold (Selfmade with neodym magnets)
– DC/AC power outlet (Bestek 400W)
– 100W solar power panels (2x 50W Panels)
– 20l solar power outdoor shower (Swiss Army water bag)
– bike carrier (FIamma CarryBike)
– air heating system (Planar 2D 12V Diesel)
– raised roof for more living space (Reimo)
– reinforced suspension (Sachs Supertouring Shocks & stronger springs)

But who cares about text, lets see some pictures: