Who are you?

Well I can’t tell you the answer, but I might be able to help you to find out! If you are looking for an everything taken care of, just take me there, no worries, free-ride. Sorry no such thing here!

I’m looking for you to share this trip with me. Make this the experience of our lifetime. Let us discover the places and people the package tourists will never even hear about. Lets go to remote places, mountains, forests, lakes, beaches, deserts, villages, historic sites… This trip is not a planned vacation going from A to B, so your suggestions and ideas are much appreciated.

Since we will be spending a lot of time together I think it is important that you are open minded, humorous, chatty, positive and stress resistant. Things will not always go as planned so we have to work as a team. Unpredictability is what turns a journey into an adventure…

So what are you up for? Well, there are things the vanagon can offer and things it can’t. We can carry water, food, your luggage, bike and a lot of more things. Since we are only equipped with splendid 65hp there are certain limits of physics that apply going up hill with a lot of weight :) There is a shower (outdoor solar powered 20l) a kitchen (Primus Multifuel stove) a living room (Westfalia Bench) a master bedroom (Westfalia Bench) and a lounge (Westfalia Bench) so quite spacious as you can tell ;)

If you feel like joining me, for a few days, weeks, months, ’till the end of time… you should go ahead and contact me through the comment section, or here -> Contact, if you read this after May 2017, it might take me a little longer to reply. (search for Terratrotter) and couchsurfing requests are very welcome, too!

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