It has been a little while since my last post, and a lot of things have happend since then. So I’ll try and give a small recap of my last days of preparing for the journey. It was more stressful than I thought and wanted it to be, due to some unexpected events. 

In the future I’ll be posting more regular to keep you all updated on what is happening on the tour. I will finally turn this preparation blog into a travel blog :))

Technical I was able to finish up the brakes and the suspension of the bus, put the floor in the raised roof, rewired the lights and some other goodies. There was a minor setback when one screw on the rear brake was stuck and I had to remove the complete wheel hub. I had some help with this since there are some special tools required. So instead of 2 hours the changing took about a week. I’m trying to see the positive there, that it didn’t happen when I was already on tour! Lucky me I guess ;)

Healthy I went to the doctor and got a few good recommendations and vaccinations for the tour. So if you plan on doing a trip like this, better see the doctor early to get everything done since there is sometimes a month between the single doses. If you live in Germany, check with your insurance, mine did repay the costs for the vaccinations (Techniker Krankenkasse) which would have been over 300€ otherwise. So my Med-pack is filled with all the necessities that one might need. I hope to bring it all back untouched, though. In case there are some things I can’t fix with band aids and painkillers I covered an travel insurance that will give me global coverage for up to 5 years. I did choose FTA Travel since they had a good price and a good coverage. So I hope if anything happens they will take care of me.

Unexpected There are always things that you can’t prepare for, can’t anticipate or in any other way could have seen coming. In this case I really didn’t see it coming… since I was standing in the Vanagon when another car hit it. I had the bus parked by the side of the road and was just loading a few things to return with it to the garage later on, when all off a sudden the whole car shook. I locked out of the front window and saw another car had ran into my front left side. Nobody got hurt, but the other car was cut open on the side door and the front of the bus was peeled open like a can of peaches. This was two weeks before I had to move out of my place and start my Goodbye Tour. So I was a little bit stressed out the following days trying to get the car repaired in time. Thankfully I found a really able car body shop that fixed it up in no time and did an awesome job at the same time. I had it fixed provisional, since this surely wont be the last bump or scuff of the tour.

Now As off Friday March 31st I’m officially without a place to live. I had kind of my last day of work and moved out of my apartment. At the moment I can’t really live in the Vanagon yet, since everything I own is in the car, which leaves not much room for me ;) At the moment I’m driving around Germany to visit some friends and family before I embark onto my journey. I’m on my way, the tour isn’t officially started until May 1st when I head to Austria together with Andrea, but this is my final rehearsal. With every kilometer I drive, I move further away from the life I had and towards my new life. I like this, the Vanagon is home; I’m not bound anymore to schedules or places like I used to before. Preparations are almost finished, Everything seems to be coming together as planned. I’m excited, I’m cheerful … I’m on my Way!

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