Yes, it is happening. All the days of reading, researching, preparing and anxiety have passed. Now we are on the road, we are really doing this. Looking back on what I leave behind, facing forward to see what lays ahead. The Bus is home now, 6m² of home no matter where I go!

After my goodbye Tour around Germany for about one month I finally arrived in Bavaria to meet up again with Andrea to get the Tour started. Just a few kilometers away from the Austrian Border, the alps already in sight out of the kitchen window, the last 3 days of getting ready. Double checking the lists that I’ve made, to see if I forgot something important… not that I could change it by now, but kind of like double checking if you really turned the stove off before you leave home :)

After checking the weather report for the coming days we knew that we were in for quite a bit of rain until we get further south. At least we have a solid roof over our heads and don’t have to ride a bike or something crazy like that ;) Heading out of Haldenwang on May 2nd our first goal was to reach Lenggries, Germany where we meet with my mum on a nice RV Campground. I can highly recommend this place to anybody (N47°34’18” E11°31’55” 4€ /night) small place with beautiful landscape.

Is this the right way?

Before starting onto the tour I arranged for my mum to meet us with her own Vanagon to join us for a couple of days at the beginning of the trip. So I hope to infect her with the travel-bug now so she will go out and travel some herself. We made our way into Austria without any problems, as expected. Due to the announced rain, hiking and other outdoor activities were cut short. We still made the best out of it in between the rainshowers, but decided to head south faster than planned. The alps are nice, but if its raining all day you might wanna be somewhere else. Cividale del Friuli wasn’t our first choice, but due to a small navigation mishap of me, which took us almost all the way into Slovenia we had to change plans. The parking spot in Cividale wasn’t the most astonishing thing, but the city is just beautiful. We where lucky that they had their Street Food Festival going, which really put the whole city out in the streets! Village-People dancing in the streets, YMCAing their way back and forth… Oh what a joy :)

After spending two days, and even enjoying quite some sun. Today we decided to proceed into Slovenia. So right now we are staying on a remote little campground (N45° 53’25” E13° 44’49” 10€/night) and indulge the simple pleasure of having WiFi & Showers, actually in that order :) after being on the road for 5 days now.

So far everything but the weather seems to be playing along. We are settling in and get all our things stuffed away in the bus. It should be considered an Art-form; store your stuff – secure it so it doesn’t hit you in the head while driving – find it again the next day.

Fun times! – Keep you posted-

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