Well, I don’t know how to start this. As ever changing the journey is, so are the people that accompany you along the way. So you think you have everything figured out since you got to know your travel buddy before you start there should be no surprises…
Well, life is what happens while you are busy making plans! 

So after I meet with Andrea beforehand and we already spent some time together, went onto Mountain hikes, spent Christmas together, we thought we got each other figured out. The thing about being in a more or less confined space is, that it accelerates getting to know each other rapidly. In our case it left us with approximately 11 days of traveling together before realizing that it’s not working out.

This Friday we decided to have a talk which eventually ended in the mutual decision of not travelling together on this trip any further. Reasons where divers and not really of the kind that one can compromise with. We both have the feeling of not really traveling together, while sharing the same place we didn’t really share the experience in the same way. I’m not gonna get into more detail at this point. The result was that I drove her up to a campground in Ljubljana, Slovenia where she put up her tent, planning to proceed from there by bike. If you would like to keep following her Adventures: is the place to go.

Even though I’m sad about the way things turned out with her, I will continue my journey as planned. Right now I’m up in northern Slovenia in Celje and intend to stay here for a few more days. At the end of May I will proceed into Hungary. So if you don’t have any plans for your summer vacation, Hungary and Rumania are supposed to be really nice this time of the year :)

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