I have about half a year until I want to start my journey. Right know there is just a heap of things I still have to take care of before I can leave. I make lists, read blogs, talk to other travelers and generally try not to go crazy. 

The Vanagon: The most important thing at the moment is to get Dr. Jones into shape. I got the Planar 2D airheater and some more insolation for the raised roof, but they still need to be installed. The biggest headache is caused by the points considering brakes and the suspension of the bus, since these parts will experience a lot of abuse during the journey. Even though it is a long list I’m quite confident I will get everything done in time.

Paperwork: I got some books from a good friend about the places I want to visit in the first year. I’m doing a lot of research about climate, Visa requirements, Carnet de Passage and other fun things. As I don’t want to plan too much, most of the research is more about gathering info to make sure I don’t miss any cool place along the way.

The Blog: The structure and the basic topics are starting to come together. Since you are reading this I guess I’ve done something right :) I’m hoping to get the same support like I had on my last tour, in regard of awesome video material of the whole journey. I will make sure though to post frequent updates and lots of pictures. Promise!

Travel Buddy: I’m still hoping to find somebody to join me for the tour, even if only for parts of it. People always seem really excited about what I do, but it’s a big step for anybody to just leave everything to join me. This journey will sure enough offer more than you leave behind, but its still a big step! If you are up for some adventure, contact me!

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