Terranomades Podcast

Sorry for the long break everyone.

I am still on my way exploring the world. I decided to try to change the format of this Blog into a podcast with pictures. This way I will be able to update it more often. I hope you enjoy it.


As beautiful as the mountains and forest on the Macedonian side have been, as deserted and unpleasant Albania welcomed me on his eastern border. Roads that made it hard to find any concrete in between the holes and almost unbearable heat without any trees for shade, I was really tempted to just drive back into Macedonia right away…

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Macedonia was another one of the countries I didn’t consider for visiting on this trip. So entering the country not being biased by any prior research I was more than pleasantly surprised. The people and the sights Macedonia has to offer turned it into another of my favorite countries of this trip.

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Bulgaria II

A big part of traveling is dealing with prejudices against people, places and countries. As for Bulgaria I was warned by almost everybody to not go there. One guy from Turkey told me he won’t even stop to get gas there. I was just about to tell everybody how wrong they are… but let’s have some communism first.

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Bulgaria I

My original plan was to pass through Bulgaria just to transit to Turkey and proceed further east. I learned now that plans are generally overrated and so my journey back west started. To Plovdiv, and then south east again. I wasn’t prepared for the surprises Bulgaria had to offer, not all of them positive unfortunately.  Continue reading