Just saying I visited Croatia wouldn’t do it justice, so I think instead I will just refer to it as šljivovica from now on. Of course there are a few more things to report than just me being drunk at 4 pm in the afternoon. Remote places by the river, old castles and the cradle of the mosquitoes for whole eastern Europe are just a few of the things.

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Celje, Slovenia

After I have chosen to continue traveling by myself, the first stop where I spent some more time was Celje in north eastern Slovenia. I did pick it just because I saw a nice looking parking spot on the map when I was searching for a place to stay for a little while. It turned out to be a lot better than I thought, even though I have to claim my first losses  Continue reading

Time to say Goodbye

Now that the time of departure has drawn closer I went on a 1500km roundtrip to visit some good old friends and family of mine. I had a really good time and time to catch up with some memories as well. It took me about one month to finally make it all the way down to start the tour now…

Before we depart on the tour tomorrow, enjoy some impressions of the goodbye tour…  Continue reading

Video Update

dsc_2034I was already planning for some time to get started again with the organization of the videos for the journey. Last weekend I got together with my good friend Hendrik from StandoutMedia and we did some Interviews about the journey. As soon as the editing is done we will post a teaser to get you in the mood for this adventure. In the meantime I aired a 360° Video on the Terranomades Facebook Page (Since WordPress doesn’t support 360° on my plan). The idea is to provide you with some small insights of the journey on a regular base. In addition we will have some awesome edited material every so often.

We will use the following recording equipment on the trip:

I hope you enjoy the preview footage on Facebook as well the upcoming teaser… Stay tuned :)

The Doctor needs a new Hat

Since there isn’t much happening in the way of preparing that is worth taking pictures of right now, I thought I might show some pictures of the work I put into the new raised roof for the vanagon.

I bought the roof used from a guy not living to far away from me. Since it was already cut off the old vanagon I could just strap it onto mine and take it home. Still felt a little strange going on the highway having this thing attached by only 2 lashing straps and some duct-tape. Continue reading