Romania III – Backroads

After I got back from the mountains and picked up a Romanian hitchhiker on my way back to town who told me a lot of things, of which I understood none I meet with Monica once more in Deva to join her for the Deva Skirt Bike. Continue reading

Romania II – Retezat

As I woke early after a good night of sleep on Monicas couch (First night in 37 days not in the Van, even though I had offers before) a look out of the window showed: Retezat Time! While Monica headed out for work I got into the car and drove back down for my two day hike.  Continue reading

Serbia I – Sombor

Serbia wasn’t on my agenda of countries I planned on visiting on this trip. When I was in Slovenia, Tit recommended the good food and beautiful women there. What more reason do you need really? Now, that I passed through the country I can absolutely agree with him, adding amazing landscape and outstanding hospitality to the list. But let’s start at the beginning, in Sombor.  Continue reading


Just saying I visited Croatia wouldn’t do it justice, so I think instead I will just refer to it as šljivovica from now on. Of course there are a few more things to report than just me being drunk at 4 pm in the afternoon. Remote places by the river, old castles and the cradle of the mosquitoes for whole eastern Europe are just a few of the things.

Continue reading

Celje, Slovenia

After I have chosen to continue traveling by myself, the first stop where I spent some more time was Celje in north eastern Slovenia. I did pick it just because I saw a nice looking parking spot on the map when I was searching for a place to stay for a little while. It turned out to be a lot better than I thought, even though I have to claim my first losses  Continue reading